The European Meteorological Society (EMS) offers a number of Awards annually, among them are the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award. Alongside the Awards, the EMS can occasionally present an Honorable Mention of excellent TV Weather Broadcasts. For the 2015 EMS TV Weather Forecast Award competitions, Kenyena Mollen from UNMA was one of the three Weather Presenters that were selected to receive an Honorable Mention. UNMA presents daily weather forecasts during the News Bulletins on UBC (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) and Star TV in English and Luganda, where Kenyena Mollen is one of the English weather presenters.

The other two Weather Presenters that received an Honorable Mention were Monica Lopez (Television Española – from Spain) and Denislava Banova (Nova Broadcasting Group – from Bulgaria). The TV Weather Forecast Award 2015 went to Martín Barreiro (from Spain) which will be presented to him at the Awards Session on Tuesday, 08 September 2015.

19 video clips of TV weather forecasts were submitted for the Award competitions with ten of the entries from countries outside Europe. For more details about the EMS TV Weather Forecast Award 2015 news visit  

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