Technical Services Division

The Technical services Division plays a very important role since it is charged with the duty of installation and maintenance of an adequate meteorological infrastructure for monitoring weather conditions across the country as well as an efficient communications networks for rapid real-time data exchange. The main responsibilities of this department include;

  1. The division is responsible for maintenance and repair of all electronic, telecommunications, electrical, mechanical and meteorological instruments. This may also include fabrications of vital components of meteorological stations such as gates, windows and other mechanical structures as related to the facilities of UNMA.

  2. The division advises UNMA on all issues in regard to electronic, telecommunications, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as the general maintenance of the fully equipped engineering workshops.

  3. Within the Technical Services division is a Radar Operations Center (ROC). The ROC is responsible for centralized meteorological, software, maintenance and engineering support as well as installation of the meteorological radar in the country. The ROC also operates radar test systems for the development of hardware and software upgrades to enhance maintenance, operation and new functionality of the radar.

  4. The Division is also responsible for Instrument Calibration Laboratory for calibration of all meteorological instruments with an objective of maintaining the standards of meteorological instruments to WMO and ICAO standards through: calibration; measurement; and inter-comparison experiments.

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