National Meteorological Centre (NMC)

This Division performs the following functions:

  • Weather Forecasting

    The NMC issues weather forecasts that include daily 24-hour forecasts and tailored forecasts for public weather services, aviation, warnings of hazardous weather and warnings about impacts of severe weather such as floods. Other short-range forecasts such as 3-day, 5-day and Ten day weather forecasts as well as weather outlooks and advisories are also issued routinely.
    The Section also prepares meteorological products and impact assessments in collaboration with other Directorates and sections i.e. Agro meteorology, climate and Environment services as well as Hydrology for the purpose of distribution to customers and users.

  • Data collection and exchange

    The NMC through its National Telecommunication centre collects and exchanges observational data at national, regional and international level by using the Global Telecommunication System (GTS).
    The Centre is equipped with the African Meteorological Environmental diagnostic Integrated System (AMEDIS), which is integrated with the Satellite Distribution System (SADIS) and the Meteorological Data Distribution (MDD).
    The NMC also links the national data exchange with the GTS Regional Telecommunication Hub (RTH) Nairobi. At present the speed between Entebbe and Nairobi is 9.6 kilo bytes per second (kbps).

  • Ground Satellite Receiving Station

    The NMC has a Synergie system for reception of satellite imagery information using twelve (12) different infra-red and visible channels.
    There is also a Meteorological Data Distribution System (MDD) which is used to receive data from satellite and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) products from other world centres such as the UK Met Office, Toulouse – France and the European centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).
    In addition, the Pilot briefing office is also equipped with the Satellite Aviation data Distribution System (SADIS), a dedicated data reception system for a variety of meteorological products for aviation.

  • Upper Air observations

    There is one Upper Air stations at Entebbe International Airport (EIA) that is fully operational for monitoring vertical atmospheric profile for meteorological purposes. The station is equipped with a latest model of a Hydrogen generator as well as a DigiCora model MW41 for relay and display of the captured upper air data in real-time

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