Training Division

The main responsibility of the Training Division is to augment Capacity Building and Motivation of Staff in order to promote the role of the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) in all aspects of national, sub-regional and regional planning and political processes. The Division undertakes these responsibilities through assisting UNMA staff to:

  • Continuously develop staff professional skills;
  • Upgrade staff careers through acquiring higher qualifications;
  • Ensure staff participate in Specialised training for acquisition of new skills; and
  • Promote staff skills exchange programmes.

To ensure the above, the Training Division is expected to;

  1. Coordinate the development of a comprehensive training programme for the Authority In collaboration with the other Directorates,

  2. Continuously collaborate with relevant academic institutions in the design and development of suitable course content where necessary to address the human resource development (HRD) needs of the Authority

  3. Ensure that post-training evaluation of fellows on the relevance and quality of their training is undertaken.
  4. Ensure that Library facilities are continuously equipped, updated and fully functional.

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