Network Planning Division

The Manager Network Planning reports directly to the Director Station Networks and is responsible for the following duties:

  1. Ensuring full application of WMO guidelines of meteorological equipment and systems.

  2. Participating in identifying the need for and planning of network expansion and development to facilitate smooth meteorological data capture.

  3. Coordinating the documentation of processes and procedures that will ensure that services and products provided by the UNMA meet specified standards of quality to the expectation of both internal and external customers.

  4. Coordinating benchmarking of processes and procedures, updating and using the results to close performance gap.

  5. Ensuring quality and homogeneity of meteorological data in the country (by adhering to standards of instruments and observations).

  6. Maintaining an efficient Climatological station network.

  7. Planning operational procedures for enhancing meteorological observation.

  8. Preparing technical guides for the use and operation of meteorological equipment and instruments.

  9. Ensuring performance/financial targets are met.

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