Climate and Environment Division

The main objective of the Climate and Environment Division is to engage in and coordinate studies and recent development in climate and atmospheric environment; to foster collaboration on environmental issues with relevant institutions and other government agencies and departments; and to educate the public on the impact of pollution on weather, climate and the environment.

The main functions of the division are:

  1. Carry out research in Climate Change, Climate Variability as well as modeling the future climate projections.

  2. Maintain inventory of pollution emission sources in major urban centres in the country.

  3. Coordinate Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change activities in the country.

  4. Follow up activities related to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the United Nations Convention for Combating desertification (UNCCD).

  5. Promote and co-ordinate research activities on climate and related fields within and outside UNMA.

  6. Promote research on regional Numerical Weather Prediction simulation models.

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