Our strategic objectives

UNMA (Uganda National Meteorological Authority) has set the following strategic objectives on which to focus its operations and maximise the use of available resources. These are:-

  1. To improve the quantity and quality of meteorological services to customers by strengthening the observing network, National Meteorological Centre (NMC), data and information exchange according to WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.

  2. To build a skilled and motivated workforce through good human resource management practices.

  3. To promote greater awareness of the benefits of using meteorological services, information and products for public safety and social-economic planning [through workshops, print media, talk shows on radio and television]

  4. To improve the accuracy and reliability of forecasts and advisory services to customers through the development of climate prediction and short-term weather forecasting capability.

  5. To achieve a sustained increase in revenue generation besides earnings from services for public good to facilitate implementation of other strategic objectives.

Our Mandate

To promote, monitor weather and climate as well as provide weather predictions and advisories to Government and other stakeholders for use in sustainable development of the country

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence on Weather and climate services for sustainable development of Uganda.

Our Mission

To contribute to overall national development through provision of quality customer focused cost effective and timely information for weather and climate services to all users.