Uganda hosted the first Children's Climate Change Conference, where hundreds of young delegates shared their ideas on how to tackle a growing global problem.

Eleven-year-old Neolla Taaka is pretty sure that sooner or later, her life is going to be affected by climate change.

"I would think that most people around would not be able to get enough food, the drought would be high, we may be forced to migrate. But also I would think that the lifestyle of people would change. Like, if you have been having enough water to drink you would not be able to, you would have to walk long distances," said Taaka.

Last Saturday, Taaka and her classmates presented their thoughts on climate change to an audience of their peers. This was the International Children's Climate Change Conference in Kampala, Uganda, reportedly the first of its kind.

IN efforts to address climate change problems, government has approved a National Climate Change Policy that will help to broadly respond to challenges of climate variations in the country.

It will also guide the transition of the country towards a low carbon climate resilient development.

The state minister for water and environment, Flavia Munaaba Nabugere said it is an important step for Uganda to tackle climate change issues.

She said the policy provides for broader adaptation and mitigation actions in a number of priority sectors.

"The national climate change policy and its cost implementation strategy has been approved by Government. With this policy we shall now be able address the challenges of climate change," she noted.

Munaaba said this at the opening of the Climate Finance and Investment forum in Eastern and Southern African, at Protea hotel in Kampala.

She said Uganda being a signatory to the international climate change instruments, is committed to contributing to global efforts of tackling climate change in different parts of the country raging from prolonged droughts, floods, and landslide among others.


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