UNMA has released the seasonal forecast for March to May 2016. 

For the detailed forecast visit: https://www.unma.go.ug/index.php/media-centre/press-release

The Katikiro of Buganda, Hon. Peter Mayiga recently met with UNMA staff headed by the Manager Engineering /ICT, Mr. Solomon Mangeni to discuss partnering in instatllation of  vital Meterological  equipment in various places including those within the Buganda Kingdom.

The current El Niño episode has been evolving since June 2015 and is now fully developed. The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) in collaboration with the majority of international and regional climate centers predict that the 2015-16 El Niño is likely to strengthen further before the end of the year and is likely to persist to early 2016.

Based on this predisction, UNMA as part of its obligations, continues to advise several sectors on how to manage the impacts of El Niño.

The advisories to specific sectors are presented in: http://unma.go.ug/index.php/alerts/disaster-warnings


Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has warned the public about the illegal issuance of weather forecasts without authorisation from the Authority. 

The Public and all other institutions that utilise and disseminate weather information should therefore be guided by UNMA Act 2012: Section 33. 



Uganda National Meteorological Authority recently conducted an induction course for all newly recruited staff and those from the Ministry of Water and Environment, Department of Metereology. The Induction took place at Jinja Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. The staff were obliged to swear an Oath of Secrecy at this Induction.

Among the activities, were insighting presentations from a number of speakers including: 

  • The Significance of Weather Stations Networks to UNMA Mandate by Milton Michael Waiswa,
  • Change Management and Communication Strategy by Vincent F. Kaheeru (National Director, Profiles International Uganda Limited),
  • Appropriate Internal controls and Effective resource utilization in UNMA by Mr. W. David Elweru (Director Finance and Administration), 
  • Corporate Governance Issues & the role of Internal Audit in UNMA Operations in UNMA Operations by Mr. Tebusweke Nuludiin (Senior Internal Auditor),
  • The Integrated Performance Management System for the Uganda Public Service by  Leofrida Oyella (Assistant Commissioner Human Resource Management, Ministry of Water and Environment); among many others.

UNMA Managers swear an Oath of Secrecy during the recently concluded general Induction course held at Jinja in the presence of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Dr. Robert Rutaagi.


Supported by the GIZ/USAID PROJECT:
Strengthening Meteorological Products, Services and Use in the Agriculture and Water Sectors.