The Director of Finance and Administration (DF&A) is headed by a Director who reports to the Executive Director. The Director is the overall in-charge of the UNMA business support functions.

The DF&A is made up of the following four sections, namely Finance and Accounts, Administrations and Human Resources, Procurement and Supplies as well as Public Relations Divisions. The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation division is under the Ministry of water and environment but works very closely with the DF&A at UNMA.

All the sections are headed by managers:

  1. Finance and Accounts Division
  2. Administration and Human Resources Division
  3. Procurement and Supplies Division
  4. Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  5. Public Relations Division
Supported by the GIZ/USAID PROJECT:
Strengthening Meteorological Products, Services and Use in the Agriculture and Water Sectors.