The Applied Meteorology , Data and Climate Services Directorate is headed by a Director, who reports directly to the Executive Director.

The main functions of the Directorate are:

  • To prepare the National Climatological, Agro-meteorological, hydro-meteorological and environmental data bank;
  • To provide general and user specific agro-meteorological and hydro-meteorological bulletins to various users;
  • To liaise and provide technical support to various users of agro-meteorological and hydro-meteorological information and to foster collaboration on environmental issues with other authorized government departments and other related institutions.
  • To carry-out research in climate variability, climate change, interaction of weather to humans, plants, soils, livestock, environment etc;
  • To collaborate with the Food Security Department in the monitoring of agricultural conditions for purposes of early warnings on the food situation in the country.
  • To collaborate with the Disaster Management Department of the Prime Minister's Office on issues of National Emergency Response.

The Applied Meteorology and Data Processing Directorate is made up of the following three divisions, which are headed by managers:

  1. Agro-meteorology and Remote Sensing division
  2. Hydro-meteorological division
  3. Climate and Environment division
Supported by the GIZ/USAID PROJECT:
Strengthening Meteorological Products, Services and Use in the Agriculture and Water Sectors.